Your Worst Enemy

Your Worst Enemy Isn’t Who You’d Expect.

We try so hard to keep moving forward in our lives. We try so hard in fact, that when we have a period where we don’t see progress, we become weary. We want to know what’s in our way. What’s preventing us from getting a promotion, getting straight As, or even finding the right person. Sometimes we let it consume us to the point that we stop trying to progress. It seems that no matter how hard you try, nothing will ever work in your favor.

That’s where the problem sets in.

One problem I struggle with is over thinking. I can be an absolute rock star for months, or even years, at something and then I can throw myself over a damn cliff of self doubt. It’s paralyzing. Once I am in my head and I have accepted defeat it’s like a domino effect of terrible things that start to happen, and then BAM I really do start to suck. Let me tell you: it’s the worst feeling I’ve ever felt. I know I am great. I’ve practiced so hard for years to become the best at what I do.

Then I have the audacity to tell myself I’m not?

No one had told me I sucked, no one intimidated me into feeling like I did. I did it all to myself.

In fact I did this to myself for the little time I was playing at Tennessee. The more I got into my own head, the more I was starting to suck at practices. I was doing things that I knew I should’ve done differently. Acting like I had never even played before. It was torturous!


I was my own worst enemy. I was preventing myself from being the player I knew I was.

I feel that a lot of people struggle with being their own biggest enemy.

Not intentionally of course. They just spend too much time thinking about the bad and what is wrong, instead of thinking about the good and who you know you are. You know yourself better than anyone else, so why do we allow ourselves to tell ourselves we aren’t good enough?

Crazy logic, right?

We need to find ways to prevent this. I know it’s hard, even with the best support system, there can be days of self doubt. But when you know who you are and what you can do, it should be enough to conquer any rut you are in. A great way to get out of your own head is to simply think about all the things you have achieved thus far. Everything that you have accomplished that proves that you can continue to be successful is an arsenal that you can use to combat that terrible enemy.

Even if your thoughts have clouded your mind and you seem unable to think in the moment of all the things that you’ve accomplished in life, guess what? The proof is right in front of you! You are where you are today because you have worked your ass off to get there. You have accomplished so much and you surely wouldn’t let anyone else try to tear you down, so why let yourself?

So don’t be your own worst enemy.

You are a star.

Don’t let your thoughts tell you anything different.

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  1. This is so true… many times I am very hard with myself and overthinking really kills my spirit. Thanks for this very helpful article.

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    1. can you tell me where the problem is? I have the latest version of internet explorer and have not noticed any problems.

  3. You are so right! I feel like I do this quite a bit.. I don’t know if it’s just the perfectionist side of me coming out and never being satisfied or what. But like you said, sometimes I do have to take a step back and give myself a pep talk. Sometimes that’s the only thing that gets me through! Nice post and a good reminder for everyone, but especially us as women.
    -Rachel @ Tidy&Teal


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