Why I Drink Tea

About a year ago today, I started drinking tea.

I was on my healthy lifestyle binge and I was cutting out soda. I was determined to make it work this time. Soda is just bad news, and as a diabetic I should’ve done it way sooner. My problem was that I love my drinks to have flavor. I can drink water, but water 24/7 just doesn’t cut it for me. If I was going to drink water for the majority of my day, I needed to break it up with something. So of course I went on handy dandy Pinterest (which is where I spend 95% of my time) and decided to try and find a beverage that would satisfy my healthy crazed mind. That is where I found all the information on tea.

I have been drinking it as a substitute for a year now and I couldn’t be happier.

I now drink a cup every single day, some times, even twice a day.

Tea benefits
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But what does tea do for me and why do I personally drink it?

I drink it because it calms me. After a long stressful day, I need that cup of white tea to relax my body and mind. Once that hot cup of tea enters my mouth it is like it is caressing my soul. Its like none of the not so great and stressful things that happened throughout the day mattered at all.

I drink it because I can physically feel myself be healthier than what I was before. When I wasn’t drinking tea I was constantly gaining weight and had no energy whatsoever. I would go to bed at 9 at night, wake up at 9 in the morning and still be tired. It just wasn’t the lifestyle I wanted to live.

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If you do start drinking tea, I would advise against drinking bottled tea unless you read the nutrition label and are okay with what it says. People sometimes think that since its tea its automatically healthy but that is not the case. The amount of sugar that each of those bottles contain is sometimes more than soda! I was drinking a bottle of Diet Lipton Green Tea, until I looked at the label and saw that it contained 46 grams of sugar! So be careful.

My best advice would be to drink tea that you can control the amount of sugar that you put in it.

My favorite place to shop for tea personally is Teavana! It’s a little expensive, but you get tea that hasn’t been processed so I think it’s worth it! I saw the best results when I drank the tea from there!

Part of leading a positive life is being healthy. The food you eat and the drinks you drink has an impact on how you feel. So choose wisely!

Great tea= Happy life.

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  1. Hi Catherine! What are your top three favorite teas, and what’s your favorite tea brand?? I love green, jasmine, and chamomile. My favorite brand is Rishi… but I can’t always afford it. I also love Yogi and Traditional Medicinal

    1. My favorite teas are white, black and green. My favorite brand is probably Teavana, but a close second would Lipton, because I love their peach mango. It’s amazing! My sister buys yogi but I don’t really drink it much. Teavana is really expensive as well so I have to stretch out each batch I get. But well worth it!

  2. I can’t stand plain water either! I think lots of people have this problem. Tea seems like a great alternative, thanks for the hot tip!

    1. And it doesn’t leave the gross stains over time either! I’m so happy I started drinking it I couldn’t be happier! Thanks for reading!

  3. I drink tea all day.
    I am bad and drink it at night so it does keep me up.
    But it makes me feel better than coffee and the caffeine is a slower and more gradual up and down.

    1. Sometimes I crave tea in the middle of the day! And I agree it does make me feel better than when I drink coffee.
      Thanks for reading!


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