Why a Sunflower?

I’ve had so many people ask me why I chose a sunflower to represent my brand. So I figured I’d explain.

Well the first reason is, it’s my favorite flower.

And the second reason is what I see the sunflower representing. They grow to be so tall, their stems so strong, their petals so bright, their roots so grounded. They beam so beautiful, and light up any space they are in.

Those are all traits I want to have. I want to stand tall, be bright, be strong, be beautiful and light up any space I am in. I want to be confident in myself to know my worth and not let anyone tell me differently.

And I want other people to feel that way too.

We live in a society that judges constantly. That doesn’t care for people’s feelings or struggles. Unfortunately there’s no way to stop that. People are going to constantly rag on each other until the end of time. I want to create an energy to combat the effects of that.

We don’t need standards, we need love & compassion.

The sunflower is me, and the love and compassion is the water that I need to grow.

Then my seeds are planted to make room for other beautiful sunflowers. And I can be their water, and they can grow, then plant their seeds. And on and on it goes. Until we’ve created a community of beautiful sunflowers that are confident in themselves.

That’s what it’s all about.

Love yourself. Be a sunflower.


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