What’s an Adult?

When I started having to be an adult, I freaked out.

I knew nothing about being an adult. All I knew was that it was hard but that everyone had to do it eventually.  I was used to figuring out a way to fend for myself, but not like this!

I went to the doctors by myself for the first time and it was mind blowing. Talk about a reality check! You are handed a form and are expected to know all these things about you! There was no one to hand the form off to this time. It was all on me. Long story short I ended up calling my mother and asking a lot of questions! Don’t get me started about sitting in the waiting area for my medicine. Sitting next to strangers with no parent in sight? Talk about scary! Who are you people?! What did you do with my mom?!

Okay, they didn’t do anything but you get me.

Then, I went off to school. About nine hours away from home to be exact. All of a sudden I had to figure out how to get around without my parents having their handy dandy car. What’s a bus? I thought it would be easy to figure it all out, but until I got my universities bus app I missed a lot of buses. I also found myself running to a lot of classes to get there on time. Lucky for me, until I got the hang of things no one even noticed I was late, sweating, and out of breath because there were so many kids in each class.

groceries cost money? A lot of it too!

What? Okay, I knew they cost money, but it’s so much! Why does it cost over a hundred dollars for some food? All I needed was some cereal, milk, wings, cake, eggs, drinks, ice cream, bread, chips, mini-pizzas, pizza rolls, more cake, bacon, popcorn, tea, crackers and fruit snacks. You know the essentials. I also need plates, cups, silverware, and napkins. Where do you get said money to pay for all of this?food

Well, I’m glad you asked because you need a job!

According to Google, a job is a paid position of regular employment. All adults have one. You go to it pretty much every day and people give you money for it. There are a plethora of different jobs out there. Pretty much go to any place and if they say they are hiring, then you have a shot! Beware, however, not every job that is hiring will actually hire people. Some are going to want you to have a crap ton of experience that you probably don’t have. That’s okay, you’ll eventually find one that doesn’t require any experience to work you like a slave!

Wait, why did I want to be this when I was younger?

I’m pretty certain everyone said how awesome it was to be an adult.

It has its perks, but don’t let everyone fool you. It’s not fun, run.

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