Sometimes I get a song in my head and try to form a theme for a photoshoot around it.

Lately, I've had the song "On Mine" by Diplo and Noah Cyrus stuck in my head. If you've ever seen the music video its very western centered. The song itself has that familiar country ring within it. I am not a huge country music fan, so it should come at absolutely no surprise that this song, on what is probably barely classified as country, gets me dreaming of yeeehawing and giddy upping for a photoshoot.

And yet here we are.

Did I mention the photo above was one of the first 5 we took? Yeah, it was THAT kind of magic.

So after the music was stuck in my head, I jumped right on Pinterest and searched "western photoshoot". Let me tell ya, there is a lot out there. I wanted the shoot to be editorial but a little rustic. A little carefree too. I decided I simply would not do it without some fringe and a cowboy hat. THOSE JACKETS ARE EXPENSIVE. Everything I had found was over $200. Then one day I opened up my Etsy and this little baby was in my recommendations for only $100. Which is still a lot of money but could easily be resold.

Literally, everything else was thrifted by Shelby! She told me her entire wardrobe is! She actually just started an Instagram to resell some of her vintage finds. You can check it out here.

Okay the song, Pinterest, the wardrobe,

the amazing person AKA Shelby. She is such a freaking light. Here's what I mean: When I talk to her I can just feel her positive vibes. I feel relaxed and like no matter what happens this is going to be great. She's ready to work and isn't afraid to contribute to the session. Did I mention her laugh and smile is freaking contagious!? Like you know those good people who are genuinely.. GOOD. That's her. I've had the same feeling since I first met her, so I'm sure it'll stick.

I originally wanted to shoot these at Jockey Ridge State Park in OBX, BUT, I can sometimes be an idiot and forget what time I set MY OWN SCHEDULE. So we just went to Brock Environmental Center. It was packed per usual, but we were able to shoot in the open sand to give it a littttttle bit of western feel.

But honestly the people make vision come to life.

I can see what the intended vision was and Shelby could see what the vision was, so we just channeled all of our creative energy into bringing it to life.

I am incredibly grateful for the people I have met and their ability to help nurture me creatively.

Tell me what you guys think below!

Fringe Jacket Etsy:
Shelby's Instagram:

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