Top 5 FREE Shooting Locations in Hampton Roads

Top 5 free shooting locations in Hampton Roads, Virginia.

I know it can be daunting trying to find a place to do photoshoots. As a photographer, we want to find the absolute best places that our clients love. Or we just need a spot to make our creative vision come to life. I know as a newbie, I knew of maybe 2 spots and honestly didn't learn of the others until I started working with models who knew of them. The best part about this list is all of these locations are completely free to everyone! So just make sure to do your part and keep them pretty.

Brock Environmental Center

Honestly, this slideshow could go on forever because I have taken so many photos here. It is literally the go-to place for photographers in the area because of how large and diverse it is. My only advice would be to explore the entire trail because golden hour is prime time for all photographers at this spot.

Tidewater Arboretum

This is one not many photographers use, but it's not really a hidden gem either lol. It's actually right off of Diamond Springs Rd in Virginia Beach! I love this spot because they are constantly changing it and putting new, beautiful displays out. Literally from the time I took Sydney there from the time I took Theresa and Remy, they had completely switched it up! It is an absolutely beautiful location I'm actually surprised it's free.

Ghent, Norfolk

Ghent is a kind of old town in Norfolk. It is filled with vintage looking houses, coffee shops, and even a theater! The aesthetics of the area make it a prime shooting location. Even the beautiful neighborhood is amazing to shoot around in! My last shoot Marissa and I literally just walked around and got some amazing shots!

Little Island Pier, Sandbridge

This section of Sandbridge is so beautiful but be prepared to take turns with other photographers to grab your shot! The sun hits this area just right at the end of the day. It's been perfect for basically everyone I've brought out here. It can take a little while to get to it, but it is definitely worth it once you do!

Town Center, Virginia Beach

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This is one I KNOW people know about. But I figured I'd throw it on the list anyway because it is an amazing place to shoot. It's diverse in the fact you can go from city to kinda woodsy in 2 seconds by walking across the street to the little park around the pond. Ever since Pokemon Go calmed down, there really aren't many people there. But it truly is a beautiful spot. So you can either get your photos on the Z theater's steps or in front of the fountain. The possibilities are endless!

Honorable Mention: The Narrows, 64th Street

This one didn't make the main list because technically it's not free if you plan to park there. I think some days during off season during the weekdays no one is there to collect payment but they have a self serve station for you to do so. But if you are like me and have a Virginia State Park annual parking pass, or you park in the little neighborhood in front and walk in, this is an AMAZING spot to take photos. But beware of the mosquitos.. and the massive boat parties that seem to happen all weekend. lol

There you have it! Completely free options to do your next photoshoot!

Of course there are so many more places to shoot. Let me know some of your favorites below!


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