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I used to talk about my experiences.. until I felt like they had overstayed their welcome. I was always looking to teach and eventually felt like I no longer was. in 2020 I decided fuck that. sometimes there is no outward advice to give. but I am still going to tell the story. even if there isn't a rainbow and butterflies "and now I'm a better me because of it" ending. here it is. here is what I have to say.



Sunflower July 12, 2020

It Changed Me

It was a gradual change. It wasn’t until people started telling me I was different before I truly saw. I’m not sure what was the overall determining factor or if it was a collection of things. I do k...

Sunflower March 20, 2020

how i am currently feeling

I keep apologizing to everyone around me because my head is not focused. I am in a terrible mood constantly and I feel like I am in a hopeless situation. it's almost if my stress and anxiety have gon...

Sunflower February 3, 2020

Let’s Start From the Beginning

I wasn't sure what starting at the beginning would look like, but I figured the beginning looked something like this. Hello, my name is Cat and this is my blog. I started it in 2015 when I needed ...

Sunflower September 2, 2019

& then they are gone

I am a highly emotional person with uncontrollable feelings. I can't help when I feel sad or mad or highly disappointed. I can't help if I ever feel the need to sit down and cry. in fact I want to ri...

Sunflower August 6, 2019

The Self Care Mindset

Self care is a lot harder to achieve than what people think. Self care requires someone who is normally selfless to become selfish, and for them to think about themselves even though they are alw...

Sunflower April 5, 2019


6:47am Here I am, with my cup of creamer with coffee added and my heated blanket on my brand new recliner watching CNN. I feel old. But I also feel like first thing in the morning is mine. It's my...

Sunflower January 17, 2019

I Just Said, “Enough”.

This post contains affiliate links to products I love. There was no epiphany, or moment of realization. I just felt like shit, woke up one day and was like, "Okay, enough is enough." and then...

Sunflower October 16, 2018

My Social Anxiety is Real, and its Paralyzing

My social anxiety is one complex monster. Before I take off on this post, I would like to take a moment to define social anxiety for the crowd: "The defining feature of social anxiety disorder, also ...

Sunflower October 9, 2018

Lack of Accountability; My 22nd Year

“a lot of times we are angry at other people for not doing what we should have done for ourselves - responsibility” ― Rupi Kaur, The Sun and Her Flowers   Accountability meant th...

Sunflower August 26, 2018

Making Changes

There are so many changes that I want to make. The only problem being is that those changes are still in my head. What makes it worse is that I can actually see the results of those changes in my hea...