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Apple Pie And Ice Cream May 1, 2016 Why Everyone Should Read a Good Book I love books. I don't really care what format they are in, E-books, paperback, hardback etc. If it's good I will read it regardless. I do prefer a paperback book, but that's mostly for versatility. I... Apple Pie And Ice Cream April 26, 2016 There Once Was a Girl With a Dream I had the same dream since I was eight years old. I wanted to play softball for The University of Tennessee. I didn't know how the college playing worked, or how I was even going to get there to... Apple Pie And Ice Cream April 25, 2016 I Do It For Me Its been a long road for me. For so long I hated the way I looked. I was growing up as the "ugly friend". I changed any and all angles to take pictures, completely convinced that anyway I could hide ... Apple Pie And Ice Cream April 24, 2016 Never Claimed to be Perfect How could i be perfect? I have made so many mistakes in life that there is no way I can claim to be perfect. I can't even count, or recount, them all for this post. Some of the big ones are: I d... Apple Pie And Ice Cream April 23, 2016 Little Black Girl from Norfolk Who is this girl? That girl being me. For so very long I struggled with my identity. I constantly wanted things that apparently normal little black girls didn't want. I wanted to listen to music that... Apple Pie And Ice Cream April 22, 2016 Home. It's so permanent. You can't reverse it. You can't handle how you can react to it. You lose control of your body, your mind, and your emotions. All you feel is pain. About a year ago, I lost someon... Apple Pie And Ice Cream April 21, 2016 The Guy that Got Away, and Why I’m Glad You Did Falling in love at 15 was the best thing I ever did. I know, that seems strange, "You don't know that love is!" Trust me, I did, and since then, I have an even better understanding of it now. He w... Apple Pie And Ice Cream April 20, 2016 5 Ways to be More Positive Don't Sweat It That promotion you didn't get? Don't worry there will be others. That girl that just wasn't all that into you? It's okay, not everyone is going to be drinking your type of tea.... Apple Pie And Ice Cream April 20, 2016 Toxic Friends You get through the hard years. The years of growing up, dealing with constant changes to your body, and beginning to figure out what it is exactly you stand for. There's always one friend that makes... Apple Pie And Ice Cream April 19, 2016 It’s Okay I am  20 years young as of now and I feel way older. Not because I have done drugs and my body is aging faster than normal, but because of all the bull shit that I have encountered in my life so far....