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The only time I used to watch Ted Talks was in school. Teachers would show them as either ways around teaching for the day, or to actually teach their lesson that they just felt this person explained better. Needless to say, if my teacher told me that we were watching one that day, I was excited. I have compiled together a list of Ted Talks that I believe are worth watching. They made a difference in my life and I am hoping they make a difference in yours too!

  1. Amy Cuddy: Your body language shapes who you are.

    I was shown this gem in a communications class my sophomore year of college. This is my absolute favorite Ted Talk I have ever watched. I was so moved by her story because I felt it was similar to my own. Feeling like you’ve made it to a place where you don’t belong. When she acknowledges triumph I felt myself crying full blown in class, because I knew I could get to that point eventually too. “Fake it until you become it.” (I refrained from making a huge paragraph about this just so you could watch the whole thing and me not give a lot of it away.)

  2. Shonda Rhimes: My year of saying yes

    Writer and producer of multiple hit tv shows such as Scandal, How To Get Away With Murder and Greys Anatomy, Shonda gives an inspirational speech about finding your way back to yourself once you have become burnt out. This is a much more recent Ted Talk that I discovered on my own time. I was searching for something to pick me up after a long day of not being home. Shonda taught me that I need to find time for the love in my life in order to truly be successful and happy.

  3. Carol Dweck: The power of believing you can improve

    Last but not least, this gem is an essential watch when you are feeling like you are a failure. At one point, when I came back from my one failed semester at the University of Tennessee, I would lay in my bed some days and just cry. I asked my mother on multiple equations why I was a failure. I wanted to know why I was such a terrible person, that I couldn’t even hold onto my own dream. This Ted Talk showed me that there is substantial power in wanting to improve yourself. It made me see that in order to improve I had to first believe that it was possible. My failures did not define me. As long as I believed that I could improve, I would. And I did.

And there you have it! Three inspirational Ted Talks that changed my life. I think everyone could really benefit from watching them.

Have any Ted Talks you believe I should watch? I would love your suggestions below!


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  1. I LOVE TedTalks! Such a better use of time, I believe, thawatching tv shows or other youtubing 😛 I am pinning these for later!

  2. Awesome choices! Thanks for sharing. I feel so old, TED talks weren’t event in existence (i don’t think) when I was in school 🙂

  3. There are so many great Ted Talks I have watched that I don’t even know where to start with recommendations.
    Some of my favourites are not so much about self thought but are inspirational in there own way or in the case of Stella Young asking people to think about how people with disabilities are used for inspiration.
    Wow I thought I couldn’t come up with a short list but I did, proud of that lol.

    1. I’m glad! Ted Talks are a gift from heaven! Really get me through the rough times, or when I just need a little boost!

  4. I’ve watched all of these before and the Power of Believing you can Improve a couple times. I love Ted talks because I find them to be so realistic and attainable. Great post 🙂

    1. They are truly awesome!
      Yeah its like a sense of well they have felt this way and conquered it so I can too.
      Thank you!

  5. Love the new logo for the blog!! Super cute and fits the theme. 🙂

    TED talks are great short and informational speeches! You never fail to learn something from them!!

    1. Thank you!
      I really am in love with it!
      And yeah they are I absolutely love them. I always seem to get so emotional when I watch them aha

  6. I love the ted talk by Shonda! Really helped me come back to my center. I actually need to check out her book and finally read it. You should listen to Simon Sinek’s “Start With Why”, it’s awesome!

    1. I haven’t read her book either so I will put that on my list of things to do!
      And okay I definitely will!
      I love Ted Talks!


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