Skylar + The Fabulous Green Empty Lot Next to Kroger

Have you ever just seen an area and thought it had wasted potential?

There is this area near where I work that is just sitting there. The grass has grown really tall and it honestly looks like a jungle. But like a mini jungle, for like children.

Enter Skylar!

This was right up her alley!

She turned a wasted mini jungle into a photogenic playground. I mean even her black and white photos make me cry tears of joy.

I mean, it was almost like we weren’t in a bug infested wonderland.

With her slight wind blown hair and only one good sunflower. She made it work.

I have this feeling that whenever I am in a rut or feel like a horrible photographer that all I will have to do is text her father to do a photo shoot and all my faith will be restored.

Skylar is one of my favorite Sunflowers, and I hope to keep working with her!

I hope you all enjoy!

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