Seleena & Being Half Naked in a Field | Catherine Holmes Photography

“Give a woman pain and she ‘ll turn it into power. Give that woman chaos and she ‘ll create peace.”
― R.H. Sin

We got half naked in a field.

Well, let me clear something up: she got half naked in a field.

Which for most people would have been intimidating as hell. Knowing that at any moment someone you don’t know could walk by and see you and all of your goodness. Luckily for me, Seleena didn’t really care.

And boy, was it magical.

It was so much fun watching her let loose and laugh. That is, without a doubt, when a woman is her most confident. When she can just have fun and embrace her body.

Honestly, we can’t usually do that. There’s usually someone there that’s holding us back. We start caring way too much about what they think, and it gets the best of us.

My goal was to never lose her spunk the entire session.

I’ve known Seleena since 6th grade and she hasn’t really changed much as person. Knowing who she was helped me create a vision and a plan for bringing it to life.

What was amazing was watching as the shoot went on, the more confident she became.

What we ended up creating was saucy, body positive, “whimsical” magic.

I say whimsical in quotes because of this gem:


Moral of the story, every single one of us should get half naked in a public field.

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