Never Claimed to be Perfect

How could i be perfect?

I have made so many mistakes in life that there is no way I can claim to be perfect. I can’t even count, or recount, them all for this post. Some of the big ones are:

  1. I dated a guy I had met on Facebook.
  2. I followed an unrealistic dream hoping it would have a happy ending. (it didn’t)
  3. I didn’t challenge myself and go to a different high school my senior year.

That’s just scratching the surface I’m sure.

I was always told that mistakes make life learned lessons. Lessons that should embraced, so that I would never put myself in that situation ever again. I did learn. I never dated someone unless I had met him in person first. I plan to follow a different dream, but do it a little bit safer. And I plan to challenge myself academically in college, so I can be a little bit better prepared for what ever I choose to do afterward.

I still screw up. I take a person for granted, I’m not the easiest girl to date, and sometimes I procrastinate a little too long for comfort. But whenever I can, I learn, I evolve, and most importantly, I take responsibility for my actions.

That guy I decided to date on Facebook was such a terrible idea, things got terrible fast and he turned out to be someone that had I known in person before, I would’ve never gave him a second glance. But it wasn’t just his fault that I took that chance. It wasn’t just his fault that I dated a guy I really didn’t know. It was mine too. I mean, someone had to say yes to him, right? That dream I kept chasing even though my father was in my ear telling me don’t do it, its not their fault it didn’t work. I was already there before I had even made the team. I chose to go. I chose to take that risk (and I also chose to stop applying myself to my studies and ended up with piss poor grades.) I chose to stay at my current high school. No it wasn’t the best situation, but it wasn’t there fault they were academically farther than my current school. It’s not their fault I was scared I wasn’t going to get into a good college, or know anyone if I went there. It was my choice.

And I take responsibility for my choices.

No matter how ugly the situation gets, who was supposed to help but didn’t, that scholarship they promised but I wasn’t going to receive, none of that matters when I retell the stories and I don’t own up to my wrong doings. It’s like telling half of a story, half of a lesson. And it isn’t fair to other party involved.

So it is okay to mess up. It’s okay to learn from that mistake and take it forward with you in life. But I believe there are too many people taking the lesson, and then retelling half a story. They forget that telling their wrong doings, is a lesson in itself. If you can admit that you were part of the problem, then next time, you can do things differently, and if things still go sour, well you had been in that situation before. You knew better, you prepared better, you were ready. No one is perfect, and no one expects any one being to be. But we should all want, at least for ourselves if not anyone else, to fully take a lesson from our mistakes to better ourselves

I never claim to be perfect, but I will admit when I was wrong. It doesn’t make me weak, if anything I’m stronger.



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    1. Always, that’s why my favorite quote is “keep moving forward.” It’s what I live by! Thanks for reading!


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