I woke up one morning and asked "why am I doing this?"

For people who aren't aware, that's a huge part of creating a business. You have to know why you are doing it or it becomes hard to convey to people why they should pick you to do it. I've struggled with that the past 4 years I've been shooting because I feel like it has changed multiple times. That is probably why I haven't had the success I've been having lately, because I couldn't tell people why they should choose me.

I figured it out eventually.

I do this because it helps me breathe. It is my soul captured through people and things around me. It is proof that I am still here. It is proof that my heart has not gone cold. It is proof that I can still see love and beauty in the world. It is proof that I am capable of so much more than I gave myself credit for.

Why am I currently crying while writing that?!

I couldn't understand why people all of a sudden noticed me and why everyone felt that I was just leveling up with my photography. I honestly haven't seen a major difference in my work. What I have seen, is a major difference in the amount of confidence I have about my work. I know my reasons for shooting and I know I am good at what I do and those to me are the most important parts about starting really anything.

Life, for me, has been so incredibly draining and stressful. Photography has always been an outlet to that stress. For about an hour a day I get to go out and create art... and people are going to see a glimpse into me.


So there it is.

If you were wondering why you should work with me and what I bring to the table, here it is. I give you a piece of my soul.

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