Making Time Your Friend

Time is so complicated.

It can make you feel like you have a lot of it to complete whatever project you need to get done, or whatever plans you have made to kick start your future, pretty much anything. But it can also make you feel like there just isn’t enough time to get anything done, like a paper is suddenly due tomorrow, or more drastically; you are 25 and haven’t done anything to even remotely move forward in your life.


I have fallen victim to both ends of the spectrum. Like today I have the next two days off this week, and then I’m off 4 days in a row next week, so I feel like I have too much time on my hands to get whatever I need to get done, done. On the other hand, this time last year I felt like there wasn’t enough time to pay off my debts so I could continue my education. I thought I was never going to move forward in my life because there never was going to be enough time in a year to work.

What I neglected to realize was that at the moment of hopelessness, thinking about all the time I didn’t have was making it worse. I would’ve been more successful had I thought of all the ways time was on my side.

[Tweet theme=”basic-white”]Time is your friend, not your enemy.[/Tweet].

Without time, you wouldn’t be able to grow. It allows you to not only make decisions about your life but to see the end result of those decisions. After you see the result, you have become a better version of yourself by learning from it. With making time your friend, you essentially agree that all things take time.

Because they do.

You are going to want to so badly be at the end of this decision. To instantly see the results. To know that everything will be okay in the end. But that’s just not how it works. For example, you decided to not go to college to venture out on a career in Real Estate. You know that if this doesn’t go well, the consequences could be terrible. What ends up stressing you out is the not immediate pay out, (because let’s face it, not everyone is ready to up and sell their house just because you’ve suddenly become a seller.) The time it will take to find a client and to make your first sale. The time it will take to consider yourself successful could take months, and I know it is scary, but understanding that things take time could be the difference between sticking through with it and giving up.

Which could cost you years if not a lifetime of constantly saying what if.

So what if instead you understand that things take time. Suddenly things are less stressful. You understand that you may not see the results instantly, but that one day you will and that little realization makes all the difference.

Stop making it your enemy. Make time your friend.


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