Making It Count

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My favorite movie, (AKA the only movie I can repeatedly watch over and over again), is Titanic. Furthermore, one of my favorite scenes is when Jack (Leonardo DiCaprio) is at dinner with all the wealthy people on the ship and makes this long speech about making each day count. His character takes a lot of risks and generally just goes with the flow of things. He doesn’t take any day for granted because he knows our days are numbered, and no new day is guaranteed. Honestly it’s probably the reason why I love his character so much. (I’ll never let go, Jack.)

Anyways, that brings me to my point today; making each day count.

It isn’t about going out and doing these crazy things each and everyday. The point isn’t to potentially kill yourself, it’s to fill each and every day with something or someone you love. Its making sure each and every day is filled with positive energy and happy memories.

Well if you aren’t, what’s the point?

What’s the point of waking up everyday and doing things you’d rather not be doing with people you’d rather not be doing it with? No one wants to look back on their lives and say, “What if I had done this instead of that?” That’s pointless because it’s already done. It’s not like you get to go back and change anything about it.

Take the time to do some things you’ve always wanted to do. Embark on a journey that you’ve always found exciting. Try new things, meet new people. Put your happiness above everything else.

There is no reset button, no do overs. The way you live your life that day is the day it will be forever remembered.

So what are you waiting for?

*raises glass, “To making it count.”


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  1. Love the blog, it helped out a lot! Even though I should have done the things you listed in the first place lol, but anyways, Very Beautiful blog. I’m actually doing the things I’ve always wanted to do/try without hesitation or self doubt. I’m done being lazy and its time to set out to Victory! AWHOOO AWHOOO! Instead of Dropout Josh, I am now Victorious Josh. lol Thanks.

    1. Lol I’m proud of you Josh! I’m glad you are finding comfort and happiness in the things you do! And thannnnks, I work really hard on it so that really means a lot (:


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