Life is Like a Roller Coaster

Life is like a roller coaster,

but I don’t think people are riding the right one.

I recently went to Six Flags America over the weekend and I had a blast. My boyfriend and I rode every roller coaster except one, had some Dippin’ Dots, and even took a picture with Daffy Duck and Porky the Pig. It was one of the best days I’ve had in a while.

It was while waiting in line for Ride of Steel that my wheels started turning. (We waited in that line for a whole hour, so I had plenty of time to think.) People seem to always use the expression that life is like a roller coaster. They use it to describe life’s ups and downs. They happen in life and all we can do is ride it out. However, I don’t believe people are talking about the same roller coasters that I enjoy riding at the theme park.

No matter what point I am at while I’m riding, I am filled with excitement. I want more. I am always happy to be riding it and firmly enjoy the thrills of the steep drops and twists. Even the other day when my glasses fell off my face, I was scared, but my boyfriend and I locked them in with our feet and I continued to even enjoy the loop.rollar-coaster

So here’s a question: Why aren’t we treating this roller coaster we call Life, like we are at a theme park?

Even when we are experiencing ups and downs, we should still be enjoying the ride. At no point should we be waiting for the ride to go back up, but if we are, its because we can’t wait for the next fall.

At no point should you want to get off. Take every twist, turn and loop with a smile.

At least you are riding it.

At least you haven’t stopped.

So when things get a little hairy and you find yourself thinking, “Well life is like a roller coaster.” Take that next step and say, “I’m going to ride it like I’m at an amusement park.”

If you can’t, do that, then maybe you’re riding the wrong one.

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    1. Awe I’m glad!
      And yeah I know right, what’s really the point of living if you aren’t enjoying every bit of it?
      What can I say, I’m a die hard thrill seeker!

  1. I love this (especially after I just went to Six Flags myself over the weekend). Our son is 5 and he’s still super fearful to try new rides. I keep telling him he needs to do it to start seeing what he can do and work on his fear. Love your thoughts here and SO true!

    1. Thank you (:
      Six Flags is my favorite park! This was only my third time going, but now that I’m older I plan on going a lot more!

      Fear is in the mind, show him how fun it is to live life without limitations. As soon as he starts living that way he’ll conquer anything he puts his mind to.

      I’m sure he will one day (:

    1. Exactly! Look at the downs as lessons and learn from them. The feeling in your stomach as you drop should be one of excitement. You never know where you are going to go from there, but you do know you won’t always be going down hill.

  2. I figure most people don’t want their lives to be like roller coasters, they’d rather have a straight even road with no surprises & shocks. Sadly enough that probably that comes with age, when our mentalities start changing and The World Is Too Hard!

    1. I love the fact that my life is like a roller coaster. It gives me the ability to go on adventures and stretch my limits. It’s exciting to know my life will never stay the same. Although I don’t always meet the drop with grace, as long as it has taught me a lesson I am grateful for it


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