I’m really happy, and that’s okay.

I can’t believe I can say this, but I am okay.

So I’ve had a pretty rough life so far. Yeah others have probably had it worse, but my life’s been pretty crazy too. Whenever I’ve felt a tad bit of happiness, it’s been ultimately ripped away from me. I had came to the conclusion that I would never truly be happy, or whenever I felt happiness it would never stay.

You could only imagine my confusion when I realized I’ve been happy for months now.

No crying, no challenging my self worth, no wishing I had someone else’s life. Nothing.

It’s the best feeling in the world. Everyday I smile, yes genuinely smile, and people can tell. I don’t dread going to work, I don’t dread waking up, I don’t dread the amount of school work I have to get done, I am truly happy with my life right now.

But not everyone is, which brings me to my point.

No matter what, you deserve happiness, but sometimes, it may seem difficult to be happy around certain people. There are people who honestly believe that if they aren’t happy, no one should be. Like the whole world centers around them. Well that is obviously not the case. But let’s be real, you feel that tinge of guilt, or like you owe that person sympathy. Like you shouldn’t feel as great because they aren’t feeling great.

That is so so very wrong.

No one that you should surround yourself with will make you feel guilty about getting to a good place in life. You should be allowed to be happy, and they be happy that you’re happy. Make sense?

Never feel bad about finally achieving happiness, because if you’ve had a hard life it is very hard to do.

Smile, do your jig, burst out laughing, you’ve earned it.

(Yes that’s me with cat ears.)

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