Anna: The Girl That Looks Like Me

“Self love is an ocean
and your heart is a vessel. Make it full,
and any excess will spill over
into the lives of the people
you hold dear. But you must come first.”
― Beau Taplin

I had the honor of doing what was my second boudoir photo shoot where my subject was partially nude.

Anna is a babe. She rocked every single thing I asked her to do. I was a little nervous, and I really wasn’t sure where the boundaries were. I treaded so carefully that there were times she shocked me!

She is beautiful and confident,

And she looked just like me.

For the first time, I saw some of me within my subject.


You always see the bigger girls that struggle with accepting themselves and being confident in their body. When I was younger, people use to make fun of me because I was so small. They always told me that I needed to eat more. That there wasn’t enough meat on my bones.

So I never really thought my body was beautiful either.

There was no confidence in being as skinny as I was. No one really understood either, because they thought I should be happy and that no one was making fun of my body. They couldn’t have been more wrong.

So when I was shooting Anna I saw and felt what I wish more people could see.

Even skinny women, have body issues.

Anna showed me what being a confident skinny woman looked like.

She showed me who I could be, if I just love myself a little more. She glowed without mercy.

She’s just like me, and she is beautiful.

& so am I.

I would love to work with more beautiful humans! You can learn more here.

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  1. it’s all about self acceptance! I still find even selfies so hard! But when I look back I think, I wasn’t that baad after all!! So I need to take them more often …


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