I am a black woman with light brown skin and I cannot express how many times I was told certain colors did not go with black skin.

Why? I couldn't really tell you. In my opinion, black women elevate any color they are in. That was my primary focus of this shoot. I just knew I needed a beautiful black woman to showcase the vibrancy of the red dress. Luckily for me, at the same time I had just ran into Destini's Instagram. She had recently did a shoot with another photographer and could tell she would be someone I would love working with!

These are probably some of my favorite photos I've ever taken

I worked with Olivia from @goregeousmakeupbyliv for the make up! She did an amazing job with making sure the colors popped and that Destini glowed! It was so funny because from the very moment I started taking photos I couldn't stop squealing! The overall vision just seemed so difficult in my head to bring to life but when I saw her in the dress and how the red was vibrant and beautiful on her black skin I just couldn't contain my excitement.

The sun was setting nicely and created a beautiful glow behind her. Really added to the glow her skin was already giving because of the gold make up highlighting her cheeks.


If you are ever afraid, as a black woman, that a color cannot be photographed vibrant and beautifully because of your skin, don't be.

Ultimately, I find that if anything, colors are more vibrant! We elevate pops of color by giving the color something to pop off of.

What do you guys think?

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