Those engagement sessions that kind of change your world?

This was one of those for me. I don’t really do a lot of engagement shoots so when I get the opportunity I try to give my clients the very best experience that I can. I can’t lie, I get super nervous for these because I know this is an exciting time for them. Imagine someone trusting you to capture it and you fuck it up?? Then no one comes to you ever again, your life is over, and its time to go die.. jk. Partially.

Enter Theresa + Remy.

I had gotten an inquiry for an engagement session where someone was looking for one for her friend. She was asking for an inclusive and Queer friendly photographer to send her friends way for photos. Let me stop right there and say it is extremely sad that people have to check if they are welcome because of who they are and who they love. I’m like of course they would be safe with me, but then it made me incredibly sad. Humanity needs to do better and practice LOVE and ACCEPTANCE.


Back to the amazingness that was this engagement shoot.

I scouted this location for them because they don’t live in the area. I can’t believe we were about to PAY for gardens when this free slice of pie is right off of Diamond Springs Road. It is beautiful and has no time limit so we got to go and get some amazing lighting.


They were the funniest and kindest people and made my job so incredibly easy.

You can’t fake true love. There were times where I needed them to just cozy up and it was like 2 pieces of the puzzle that new without a doubt they fit together. I know I’m corny af, BUT LISTEN. I gave very little direction other than if a certain light was better. Everything else was their natural love and affection. *cue the tears*

I am extremely excited to show this gallery off. I hope you guys love them as much as I do!

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