Syd + Will showing the world what it’s like to be in love.

Not that, “Act like you love each other” type stuff either. What I witnessed was pure, unconditional, love. The kind they sell you in movies.

I wish I could explain to you what it felt like as the photographer witnessing their love. But it can’t be described. Even with the 3 of us there it was almost like they were in their own little world. Like it was just them, spinning around the backyard on a cold ass day.

I want more of these shoots.

Where people are unafraid to show their love. The one’s where people aren’t afraid to have fun and laugh. They don’t care if they get dirty or that their hair is flying all over the place. It doesn’t matter who’s around and might take notice because they are with their other half. I feel like so many times people get photos taken that don’t actually represent themselves. They spend hundreds on photos that make them look robotic. No authenticity. Then they look back on them and laugh because what even are those? So I pride myself on encouraging natural movements and to get lost in each other’s eyes. Because how you feel in those moments are true love.

And then I get to capture it for you forever.