Don't call it a come back.

But that was literally what it was for both me and Michaela. She hadn't modeled in a while and I had taken a month off to get married and have my honeymoon.

So when I stepped into the studio I was shaking. Like what if this sucks? Should I pack it up and never come back? I may have been dramatic but that's how I truly felt.


I didn't even film anything from it because I was so afraid I was messing the entire shoot up. I wish I could tell you that there was a point where I became confident again while shooting, but unfortunately, it really didn't come until I uploaded the photos into Lightroom, closed the laptop, and then came back to them the next day haha.

Then I fell in love.

The colors, the warmth, her energy. It all flowed together so beautifully. I felt an overwhelming sense of this is what I am supposed to photograph. The connection I was able to nurture while just photographing her was energy that just fired up my soul. I was so stressed because I wanted these to be the best images ever for her! I wanted to show her that she was still such a beautiful person even though her body had changed.

It's something I am going through too. The acceptance that our body changes but that doesn't mean it is not worthy of our love. That just because it has changed that doesn't make it any less beautiful.

I want to change the viscous cycle of my body deserving love and appreciation now, me not giving it, and then looking back at it in a few years and wishing I had. Because as life goes on I can't keep wishing it was different.

While I do have a long way to go myself, if I can be a safe haven for other people to show appreciation to their own bodies, I want to do that. I believe everyone that comes in my studio is art. Every single person. If I can show someone that, and be a part of that journey for them, I want to be.

They are more like Self Love Sessions.

You really don't have to be naked, or wear lingerie to work with me. I personally feel sexiest when I where lingerie, but I feel the most at home when I am wearing a bodysuit. Something about it makes me appreciate my body in ways that being naked doesn't. SO whatever that means to show love to yourself, I want to hear about it and bring your vision to life.

This is what I was meant to do and I'd like to thank Michaela for solidifying that for me in such a magical way.

If you'd like to book a Self Love Session with me, use the form below!