There is a flower tube top trend going around and I knew immediately I wanted to participate.

As you can recall, my first go at it was with Riley. The yellow along with the trees behind her made everything pop and looked amazing. My sister saw the concept and wanted her own session with me doing it. Of course, I love the concept so much I wasn’t going to tell her no, lol. I just didn’t want the same color flower or the same location. We ended up going with purple flowers that complemented her perfectly and shot at Brock Environmental Center in Virginia Beach.

My best tip is to go to your local grocery store for the flowers.

I went to a Kroger to see what I could find and they had a plethora of different flower types and colors!


There were so many behind the scenes photos! You can check them out on my Instagram.

Her boyfriend, Donnell came along to the shoot and took so many! I crave photos of me doing what I love so I was really excited about receiving all of these!

I have seen so many more flower tube top shoots lately!

It is a very creative trend that I think embodies the motto “Grow through what you go through.” No matter what you are going through in life you can bloom beautifully.

Let me know what you think below!

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