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Okay let's talk about these gorgeous images with Shelby!

I really had been holding onto this concept for so long mostly because I wanted the right person to do it with, but also because I actually have a really hard time reaching out to people to shoot. I know what you are probably thinking, "What Cat they would LOVE to work with you." and while that may be the case, my brain has convinced me that no one would want to work with me ever. (That's a constant battle for a whole other post lol)


We all know of the iconic Beyonce Maternity photoshoot. Whether you hated them or loved them, you knew of them. If you need a refresher:

Photographer: Awol Erizku

If you would like to read more about the original concept you can do so by clicking here.

I wasn't setting out to take these "better" than the original concept.

So I don't want anyone to think that. I really just wanted to take the concept and make it my own. If you are new here I have a moodier way of taking photos and I genuinely believed that I could take this idea and make it fit what I normally shoot.

I am extremely lucky to have someone like Brooke from Disheveled Decor around. She creates beautiful sets for photographers IN HER BACKYARD! I sent her my inspiration and she was immediately excited. I knew right then and there that she was going to create magic.

I also finally got myself together enough to finally ask Shelby to shoot. I was extremely giddy that I had all of the pieces to bring this maternity photoshoot to life.

The day of the shoot was freaking hot.

And it threatened to storm around our time so I was constantly checking the weather. We lucked out though! After catching up with Shelby she changed and I got to work situating this veil to how I would like it. There is a great sped up behind the scenes video on my TikTok of me doing this:


I am so stoked to edit this dream session I did at Disheveled Decor! @Brooke Meadows Grind #portraitphotographer #maternityphotoshoot #maternity #beyonce #veil #sonyalpha

♬ Spring - Aesthetic Sounds

You guys are really not going to believe this if you've seen the photos already, but I was freaking out. I did not think they were coming out how I imagined they would. Usually when I shoot I can see how an image is going to turn out in the end, and I just could NOT with this section of the shoot. I don't know if it was because I thought the veil was awkward or if I just hadn't shot in a while so I had lost a little bit of my confidence or what.

I powered through it though. I set her up in multiple positions with this set up and then we took some in an egg chair, by the pond, and finally right behind the pond!

I feel like I say this for every blog for every shoot but you can't go wrong with the Dream Filter by Prism Lens FX!

You just pop that bad boy right on the front of your lens and you are set! I find that the dream filter gives me an extra bit of dreaminess to my shoots. I even stack them with the Kaleidoscope to give a softer but magical vibe.

I truly ended up loving this maternity photoshoot with Shelby!

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