Oh how I love soft girl boudoir.

Everything I love about portraits gets to come out during these shoots. I get to connect and have fun with my subjects, I get to shoot in dreamy af light, and I get to shower my subjects with all of the love they deserve. It doesn't really matter to me if you are a model or a client, these soft boudoir sessions are for you.

I use the light to my advantage here.

Mother Nature is THAT girl. Especially with her Sun. I feel so grateful that the new studio allows for me to go back to my roots and shoot with it more. Some of my favorite portraits taken have been just telling my subject to feel the Sun. It is there, it is yours, and you're a Sunflower basking it all in.

Between the Sun and slow movements, everyone tends to feel calm af. They become confident in themselves and it shows in the photos. I still lead throughout, but I do get a point that I don't have to. It just naturally comes that well.


Let's talk about this specific shoot with Kenzie.

This is our second time shooting together and was my first shoot just using the natural light in the studio. I was antsy because I was sick before and had to reschedule our session, but I'm so glad I did because I don't think I would've been able to fully appreciate what we were creating.

Things just kind of all fell together. Those are my favorite shoots.

She is amazing to work with and brought so much light and joy to the day.

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