My expectations for the Sunflower Field at Gold Petal Farms was high.

I had seen their Instagram posts and another photographer had gone and it truly blew me away. I was really excited to explore their Sunflowers and get so many pictures. Gold Petal Farms is also in peak bloom so everything is vibrant and the field is filled with a variety of different flowers.

My expectations for self portraits were definitely a different story.

It is no secret that I have bad self confidence issues. I am also really critical of how people take photos of me. However, my initial session fell through and I wouldv’e been devestated if I didn’t take photos in this dress, in that field. So I put my reservations to the side, put on some makeup, and wore the dress.


I felt incredible!

The flowers were gorgeous and the light was perfect. Even just looking at the photos in the back of the camera made me giddy. I felt really confident and beautiful. I was really in my element. A huge thank you to my good friend Will for helping me take the photos!

Thank you so much Gold Petal Farms for making my summer end with a bang!

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