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Marissa has become one of my favorite people to shoot with.

Even this shoot was just supposed to be something chill. I really haven’t felt like myself lately for whatever reason and I just wanted to get out and shoot so I took some inspiration from a recent pin on Pinterest and literally that was it. I had no expectations for spectacular shots or ones that were showstoppers. Just me, Marissa, and my trustee A7iii. Let me tell ya, my expectations were surpassed and I couldn’t be happier with what we captured.

First of all. Colley Avenue in Norfolk just seeps creativity.

The weather was amazing. We really wanted it to rain to add some drama but for the first time it just didn’t lol. I don’t know why Mother Nature hates us, but it’s like she always does the opposite of what we want! Even though there was no rain the weather was cool and it really helped us to be able to flip through her hair and tame the harsh light.

I am also trying out more video to get better at it and Marissa easily gave me quality content.

I have never been a videographer in any means of the word. Just strictly still portrait photography. It wasn’t until I started watching another photographer on YouTube that I realized I could actually create my own content. Her content was a lot of handheld filming which made it not look as intimidating to try.

It just felt like Marissa and I were just hanging out.

It was completely the vibe I needed. I remember telling her that I was just winging it tonight with no real plan. She totally understood and we ended up walking around and talking until we found a spot to shoot at! She is an absolute gem of a person. If you are a photographer in Norfolk, VA I highly recommend hitting her up to model for you!

And that’s it!

Please let me know what you think about the video and gallery in the comments below!

Camera: Sony A7iii

Lens: Sony 85mm 1.4 GM