Macro Shooting

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I have dived head first into the world of macro.

When I was younger I feel like I truly looked at things. Not just for a second but really took my time to see all of the details. It is what got me into photography in the first place. I wanted to capture those moments and keep them forever. The world moved slower and seemed brighter. Purchasing a macro lens reintroduced me into that world and now I never want to go back.

I am a Sony shooter and predominately use Sony lenses. I purchased the Sony 90mm 2.8 Macro lens because I saw YouTube videos on it and the reviews were amazing. Not only could I take macro shots, but I would also be able to shoot portraits with added sharpness. I was sold.

I was absolutely blown away by what I was seeing.

I wasn’t just close, I felt like my eye ball was right on the subject. Bees, flies, raindrops, flowers, and really anything that would hold still long enough for me to capture it I shot.











Macro made me fall back in love with photography.

To be honest shooting nature in general brought me back. This was what got me started. Wanting to see these things and hold on to them forever. I was having difficulty finding creative energy for portraits but by shooting nature the world held its on creative energy and it felt like it was bringing me into it. Not only did it bring me in, but once I was done shooting for the day I felt this renewed since of urgency to edit and shoot again.

That energy helped me gain the courage to start reaching out to new models again.

I recently came to the realization that being a photographer is probably my calling.

And that I am constantly unhappy because I keep rejecting it as a main gig to pursue more stable options. I only came to this realization by going out with this lens and just feeling so free. This is what I am meant to do, and part of who I am meant to be.

My best advice when in a creative rut would be to shoot something different. There are literally no rules to my macro photography. If it is there and close I capture it. That’s it. I think that creative freedom is now bleeding into my portrait shoots and I love it!