Hey there pumpkin!

Things we say when we encounter a pumpkin I’m guessing. Cute, short, and sounds like a compliment. Kat and I drove 45 minutes to what seemed like the middle of nowhere to do this photoshoot. I had never actually shot at a pumpkin patch before and with COVID making everyone limit the amount of people allowed in an area for a set period of time, I thought I wasn’t going to be able to do one this year either. I REALLY wanted to do some cute fall shit so I am really glad we were able to make this happen.


Let me also point out that there was nothing else to this pumpkin patch but a haystack.

SO when we wanted to switch it up scenery wise, we didn’t have very many options to do so. I am also 100% sure I was actively working out while we trekked through the patch to get good shots. Cullipher Farms had other spots but you had to pay more for those. I didn’t really know if I would need to shoot in other spots so I just spent $2 for us to enter the patch.

What do you guys think?

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