You all already know how much of a sucker I am for studios with plants!

This one was no different. Another local photographer had posted photos taken in the space and I instantly knew I wanted to shoot there. I think putting people within plants just enhances the subject. Green is one of my favorite colors and always has been so it really doesn’t surprise me that I have this attachment to the color when shooting.

Nature has a way of bringing subjects alive. I wholeheartedly believe we were meant to live a little bit more in harmony with nature. As a plant mom it lifts my spirits so much to look at my plants or to just be outside hiking in a forrest.

Okay, okay I am rambling a little bit so let’s talk about this photoshoot!

I have always loved the Goddess energy Jada gives naturally.

I love photographing her because there is just an aura about her that feels in harmony with the trees and plants. Whenever we shoot together I can’t help but to want to make sure enough nature surrounds her because it ALWAYS makes her glow.

This was my second session using a strobe!

I used the Godox AD400PRO with a 34″ EZ Lock Softbox and Beauty Dish! The ceiling was pretty low with a ceiling fan HOWEVER, we were more than able to work around that and set up properly. I did take some photos without the strobe and also with it as a continuous light but I actually love the shots with it the most!

I truly do love this shoot with Jada and would love y’alls thoughts below!

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