Thank my lucky stars I got up the courage to ask Ashley to be my muse.

This is a little kick in the ass for all the introverted photographers out there. You truly have no idea what you can accomplish unless you actually take a chance and try! I could write an entire book of all the things I almost missed out on (and perhaps I will soon). I am extremely happy with how this session turned and I can’t even believe the images I took. Ashley was my dream muse for this shoot, and she made my vision come to life and so much more.


This session produced my new favorite image of 2020.

We had walked by this stump earlier while we were walking down the path and I knew I wanted to hit it again on the way back. It was just a perfectly sitting stump on the edge of an opening that was a perfect sitting prop. When I first had her sit on it that’s all I was aiming for.

And then she leaned back and lifted her legs.

I WAS GASPING. Like oh my lantus what is this magic!?

The magic was Ashley folks.

Seriously her movements and her willingness to take risks made this shoot like no other one I had shot since I began shooting 6 years ago. Her energy was overwhelmingly positive that it was hard for me to even stop pressing the shutter sometimes.

I hope you guys love these as much as I do! Please comment and share!

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