Nothing could've prepared me for these beautiful studio maternity portraits.

Nothing. In fact, at this point in my career I still didn't even think I would ever take something like these. From the set design of Edlene and Kim, to the beautiful colors, to the dress... it just came together so beautifully.


The beauty of studio maternity portraits:

1. Controlled Environment: In a studio setting, we have complete control over lighting, ensuring that every detail is highlighted with precision. Soft, flattering lighting can be used to create a dreamy and ethereal ambiance, emphasizing the radiant glow of an expectant mother.

2. Comfort and Privacy: A studio provides a private and comfortable space for you to express yourself freely. You can comfortably change outfits, try different poses, and explore creative ideas without concerns about privacy. This ensures a relaxed atmosphere, allowing genuine emotions to shine through in each photograph.

3. Weather-Proof Sessions: Unlike outdoor shoots, studio sessions are not weather-dependent. Unpredictable weather conditions won't be a concern, allowing for a stress-free and convenient experience. This is especially valuable for mothers-to-be who want to ensure a smooth and comfortable photoshoot.

Having the new studio with much more natural light means the possibilities are endless!

My mind has been buzzing nonstop about all of the creative maternity photoshoots I can do in the space!

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