A photoshoot where the model looks like they are having fun? No way.

But alas, that is what it appears Marissa and I created with these photos at Sonic. I wanted to switch things up a bit from what I normally would do during my lives. Mostly because I felt like I was producing the same content all of the time, but also because it is sometimes so refreshing to see something new creatively flow out of you. Not only was this a fun challenge for me, but right off the bat Marissa told me how she was worried because she wasn’t use to doing shoots where she needed to smile! So it was something new for both of us that I think we pretty much crushed but maybe I’m bias.

I learned a few things during this shoot: 1) Never use Dubble Bubble to blow bubbles and 2) Allow myself to continue to stretch my mind creatively.

Not everyone is going to absolutely love what you do and that’s okay. I do have a style that I will probably stick to pretty heavily but to just give myself the ability to create more is so rewarding. (It also helped a ton that people actually did love and respond well to these!) but we had FUN and no one can take that part away.

I also had a lot of fun trying to accomplish this video.

I really want to add some videography skills to my arsenal but have had limited opportunities to do so. Sometimes I get so wrapped up into a shoot that I forget to even take any clips! I also hate with a passion how shaky my footage comes out but I guess I should get a gimbal if I am that concerned, huh? lol. I did take a few clips from this session so I hope you like them!

What do you think about this shoot with Marissa?

Something different, light, and fun. Let me know in the comments below if you want to see more shoots like this one!

Marissa IG: https://www.instagram.com/itssmarissa__/