Chelsey + Getting Real Emotion

One of the greatest parts about photographing people is getting them to show real emotion.

Most of the time, people clam up when you shove a camera in their face. Kid you not, 9 times out of 10 the very first thing people say “Sorry, I am so awkward!”. Which, I can totally relate to, because I am super awkward even when I am not in front of the camera.


What I like to tell everyone, as long as you are yourself and laugh at my jokes you’ll be fine.

However, I have found it a tad bit difficult at times to get people to laugh with/at me, so when that happens, I try to get them to do spontaneous actions.



Photo caused by not being able to properly shake her hair.

It was spontaneous, and it made for some awesome emotional packed photos as she just went for it and shook with all of her power.

I have known Chelsey for a long time, and honestly this is the most I’ve ever seen her let loose! Something as simple as whipping your hair and not caring about what it ends up looking like really helped her lose control and have some fun.

What I love the most about these photos? She wasn’t afraid.

When people start being less afraid with showing their true selves, it tells me that they trust me. They trust my vision, they trust my character, they just trust everything about the session. That means so much to me. I want you to be fearless and laugh and cry. If you aren’t really a stoic person, then don’t!

Once I have tapped into your trust, that is when I believe the most magic happens.

I yelled, “SPIN SPIN SPIN!”

And look at that grace.. and that smile!

Yes, it really did help that she is gorgeous and her smile was gorgeous so of course I had an advantage.

But I truly believe that every human has their own beauty, and has potential to have their photos taken. Don’t let being awkward stop you from getting photos done.

It won’t stop me from getting amazing shots of you.

You can see more from Chelsey’s session here.

Favorite from the session;

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