Carley + David’s Giveaway Session

I’m not going to lie, this session scared me shitless.

I am pretty confident in my ability to take amazing photos, but Carley + David were my first couple that I didn’t know. With no clear direction and nothing but messages to gauge who they were, I was really nervous that I wasn’t going to meet their expectations.

To be honest, I blew my expectations out of the water.


We started their session at the Lotus Garden Park in Sandbridge.

What I thought was an open field that lead to a trail, was actually just an open field. Either we couldn’t find the trails, or they closed them off. Although that did put a small damper in my plans, I decided to not be afraid to ask them what ideas they had to go forward.

We had about an hour, and I was trying to use as much of that as possible shooting.

You could tell how much they loved each other.

Carley was always smiling and I would watch as David would smile just by seeing how happy Carley was.

Oh, and it was so contagious.

We ended at the beach, and the wind made the perfect touch of moody.

And although David’s hair was doing it’s own thing, we still got some great shots.


You can check out more from their gallery here.

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