You Can’t Be Afraid of Living

There are so many things I wish I hadn’t been afraid to do.

Like being afraid to talk to people, or to stay out past 9, or to try new foods. Hell, I’m afraid to even give out my business cards and I really need the money and love to shoot! Everything just seems so nerve wrecking.

I’m so afraid of rejection that I don’t even want to try. No one really likes to hear no but I like tense up and almost cry. (haha no seriously) I never really realized how much of being afraid to do all these things was interfering with my happiness.

I know what I want to do, its just convincing myself not to be afraid to do it.

In other words, channeling my inner Nike.

And what’s crazy, is that today I had this exact conversation with my best friend earlier. He’s afraid of taking the plunge on his career and of course I’m like yo dude you are crazy! You are stupid talented and have been blessed with early success so stop holding yourself back and quit that job you no longer love.

Yeah, well, he did.



So now, I need to follow my own advice.

The only problem is I need to follow it with EVERYTHING. No exaggeration either.

Because I don’t want to be afraid to live, ya know?

I want to be on my death bed knowing that I lived a full and fearless life. So I figured a good way to combat this, is to just keep talking myself up until I do it. I want to change the way I go about my daily life, so maybe, I’ll be able to live happier.

No regrets.

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