Butterflies + Rustled Hair: Hannah’s Creative Shoot

“You do not just wake up and become the butterfly”

-Growth is a process.”

― Rupi KaurThe Sun and Her Flowers

Growth, butterflies, and photography; Three words that when put together, signify something within me but can also signify something in you. I would say at this point I am done portfolio building. I think that because I am, I have been having a really hard time finding something to shoot. Of course with my new Fujifilm, I can always hone my skills and learn new things, but for the photography itself, I think I have a hold on it.

So what is next?

I was struggling on how to shoot for me. I wasn’t sure how I was going to be able to post and people not really care for it. However, I really wanted to try. What creative shoot could I come up with that would help me grow creatively, and also grow as a photographer?

Butterflies + a white blanket.

I have these beautiful butterfly clips from Wild and Free Jewelry that I absolutely love! I normally stick them in my afro to add a little pizzazz. And then I had her bring a white blanket, because I didn’t have one lol. All she did was sit in front of the blanket, and I clipped some of the butterflies in her hair.

That’s literally it.

But about half way through, I felt like it was missing a rustic aspect that I really wanted.. so naturally I had her toss her hair to the side.

PSA* If I ever shoot a sunflower session with you, I will at some point make you mess up your hair. You’ve been warned.

And then the holy grail,

I had just purchased a scarf/blanket from Plato’s Closet that was the finishing touch that really brought my vision to life.

This. This was it. I knew it when I saw it in my viewfinder. She looked totally different from the shots I had captured in the first half. I was so excited for these that I didn’t even realize the price tag was still on and had to take them down and edit it out.

These are now some of my favorite photos I have ever taken.

I grew as a photographer that day.

I gave her way more direction, I took control of exactly what I wanted and I made my vision become reality. I post these bad boys everywhere. I honestly don’t care if they get me new followers or inquiries. I post them because I love them and they make me happy.

As for you,

Don’t be afraid to bring your ideas to life. People are going to try to tell you they are stupid, or your brain is going to try to make you believe no one is going to like it. But really who cares??

Do you love it? Yes? Make it happen.

Sometimes, I believe we stop doing the things we love because we think too much about how other’s will like it. I think in order to continue growing as people, and in my case, as a photographer, we need to keep pushing ourselves to create what makes us happy.

What are you creating today?

You can view more of Hannah’s session here.

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  1. I love that idea! It’s been a while since I had my last photo shoot. I’m looking forward to see more pictures!

  2. That’s a very unique idea. I have not seen a photo shoot like this before. Who would have thought that a butterfly can make a fashion shoot look all the more beautiful!

  3. I don’t do photo shoots but I shoot events. It’s intereting to read how you shoot. I often wish for a do over at my events but the moment is over and can’t be regretted

  4. Beautiful photos! I love how Hannah and the butterflies seem to complement one another well. I LOVE butterflies! Just beautiful shots! 🙂

  5. Wow. This was such an inspiring read. I’ve been where you are and have had times where I forget why I’m doing what I am now but then I have great days that remind me why I love it and it helps me grow.
    Dee || https://mydeedeesdiary.com

  6. What a unique and creative vision! I agree, the addition of the blanket really made the photos come together well. Great job!


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