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It’s extremely hard to do without knowing what you’re doing. However, it is one of the most important aspects of running a site. In order for you to stand out and attract the attention of potential clients, you need to create a brand and learn how to market it to your chosen niche effectively. Today I am bringing to you a course that will teach you how to do just that.

It’s called The Marketing Plan Blueprint, and it opens Aug. 3rd

Hosted by Miriam Vializ-Briggs, it is a five module comprehensive course to help you make a marketing plan that will take your business to the next level. Why would you need that you wonder? Simple. Being a blogger I understand how difficult it can be to think positively when it seems like you’re stuck. You make great content every day but nothing has gone viral. You are still getting the same amount of views, and the only people who seem to genuinely care is your family. There’s nothing wrong with that, but let’s be real, your family can’t buy your products forever.

I mean, they could, but you probably wouldn’t make as much money.

I want to reach more people.

One of the biggest reasons why I started a blog was to reach out to people and connect. I want to touch as many lives as I can and help people overcome their toughest hurdles. I just can’t do that without an effective marketing plan.

This is where they come in.

Marketing Blueprint

They have all kinds of knowledge about marketing and how to get noticed by the audience you are trying to reach out to. According to their website, you will walk away with; “A complete marketing plan to move your business forward. A flexible mindset and a “clouds and dirt” philosophy towards scaling your business up. The skills to replicate this plan for all of your future businesses. A strong sense of purpose and clear vision about your mission and action planning systems.” Who wouldn’t want any of that?Blueprint-Pinterest

So, are you ready?

I know I am beyond ready to expand my reach and touch more lives. Are you?

If so, check out the marketing plan blueprint course!


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  1. #1 I love your blog name!!!
    #2 Such a great course. I know tons of people struggle with marketing and this course would be a big help.

    1. thank you so much!
      and yeah go right ahead and refer them!
      there’s also a link in my sidebar that will direct you right to the page (:
      I think their knowledge would be really useful to help people further learn how to market themselves effectively!

  2. This is just what I need. As I am just a high school student I don’t have a lot of knowledge on marketing and I had been looking for a course about this. I have two questions, how much does the course cost and how long does it take to complete?


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