Being a Superhero

You Don’t Need Super Powers to Be a Superhero


You don’t need a cape, a shield that defies gravity, or a mutation that causes you to turn into a raging green mutant. You may need strength, but it doesn’t necessarily have to be super. You may have wings, but you won’t be doing that kind of flying. You can be a superhero, but you may not be saving the world from aliens. You may not have super powers, but you can still be a superhero.

I’m a superhero because I put others first. Not always. Not when they have taken advantage of my kindness and mistaken it as a weakness but when they deserve it. When they are coming to me for help and I can give them a shoulder to cry on, or an ear to listen to them.

I live for those moments. When I’ve made someone’s day or made an impact on someone’s life. When they tell me that I have helped them become a better person, or that I have helped them solve a problem they never thought they would solve. It makes me feel powerful. I can take on the world because I’ve helped someone else feel like they can take on the world. Like a domino effect. I always hope that they pay it forward to make someone else feel as powerful as they do. It gives me the strength to keep helping people. The smiles that spread across their faces as they feel more confident to get through what ever troubles they had in their lives at the moment. It makes me feel super.Being a superhero

I’m a superhero because instead of judging, I take the time to get to know someone. No matter the situation, I always try to get to know the person before I form an opinion about them. When people see that you’re willing to listen, they will be more willing to come out of their shell and tell more. You open this whole new window of opportunity to connect with someone new.

That’s how I was able to form my life long friendships. By letting people feel that it is okay to be themselves. They were able to open up to me, and I was able to open up to them.

I’m a superhero because I care. I care deeply about how other’s are feeling. If I’ve made someone upset, I take the time to figure out why and to come up with a solution. (Unless someone just doesn’t like me, then I can’t help that.) I tell jokes but if someone gets offended and asks me to stop I do. I care about how my actions impact others.

There’s a line drawn sometimes and people want to know that you are able to acknowledge it. You may be having a good time laughing and carrying on but they may not be. They want to know that you care, something that is highly shown through actions and not received well just through words.

I don’t have a suit that shoots out lasers or have a super kick ass hammer that only Gods can wield. I sure as hell don’t have webs shooting out of my wrists or protect a whole city from a psychopathic clown.

I may not have super powers, but I am a superhero.

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  1. Cat, this post is everything!! Thank you for writing this. I can’t put into words how much I love it. Thank you for being a superhero 🙂

  2. Awesome!! Great post!

    Keep being a superhero because that’s what the creator intended us to be. As a healer, I feel that when I give too much of myself without taking the time to replenish my own energy supply, I feel drained and somewhat burnt out. When this happens, I take some personal time to be quite and still for a few hours. That may look like, reading a book, spending some quality time in nature or just going for a long walk without my phone and music. I find that I better able to have a long convocation where I’m able to hear what the Divine is tell me. This always fills me right back up so that I’m able to help more beautiful souls.


    1. Thank you so much for reading! I agree some times my energy does get drained from constantly helping others, but the reward is so great. I’d rather take the hit for a minute to make sure someone else gets what they need, and then take care of myself later. Great advice!


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