Beautiful Sunflowers in Water

the ocean
can calm itself,
so can you.
are both
salt water
mixed with
– Nayyirah Waheed

water-photo-sessionsMy summer was filled with photographing beautiful humans.

Body positivity is so hard. One day you can be completely for you. Everything is beautiful, and fuck what every one else says. Then the next day, all you can see is flaws and all you can think about is what every one has said.

It’s one of the worst roller coasters you can be on.

I want to get off, and these ladies do too.

They all feared what they would look like, and it took a little while to get them truly comfortable. But once they did, that’s when the magic happened.



She was the first that dived into the water to produce magic! She isn’t one to really be serious, but she looks like a fucking Sports Illustrated Model! I mean look at her glowing green eyes. When those bad boys caught the light just right… goosebumps. She’s such a natural babe, with a gorgeous smile and beautiful personality to match. Could you imagine seeing yourself for the first time from someone else’s eyes? Her first reaction was, “YASSSS!”



Savannah’s session produced one of my favorite photos to date. Yup, its the one in the middle. It is so powerful. We need to love our bodies and treat them well. In order to do that we need to start mentally. Telling ourselves we love what we see and what we are made of. As you can see she enjoyed all of my suggestions. They were different from past sessions with her, but they made her open up and laugh. She has such an amazing smile. She thanked me later for not only making her feel beautiful, but for all that I do for each of my sunflowers.



This woman. Haha. It is so hard to put into words how I feel about this woman. She’s always been so real, and promoted loving yourself. It was her that propelled me to go into the self love direction. She is so strong, although I think at times she needs a reminder. Look at how stunning she is! She owned this session. All the nip slips in the world couldn’t stop her from loving her body and enjoying herself. She almost cried when she saw these.

I truly only do half the work.

These are everyday women, who are friends from work or from high school. I know they are beautiful, but they are battling just like I am to truly see it themselves. It’s such a terrible battle, but you don’t have to do it alone.

As the water hugged their bodies, they learned to love it more and more.

You can schedule a water session with me before it gets cold!

Stay beautiful.

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