Catherine with a "C".

My name is Catherine Holmes. I am a Libra, a lover, and am still figuring out who I am.

So far I know that I love gypsy things, laughing, the ability to move without restraints, and crime shows.

My blog was created in 2016 with one sole purpose: to help as many people as possible. I have been through so many things in my life, and I am still very young. So to be able to tell my stories in a way to teach a lesson and to help others makes me very happy. It is constantly changing its look and feel as I continue to grow and figure out who I am.

Photography was always something I loved, but never something I thought I would be able to do. With a stroke of good luck and an awesome parent, I was able to obtain my first camera and haven’t looked back since. I love taking pictures of people and helping them see their best true selves and I specialize in couple, senior, and self love photography.